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10.2. The user agrees that the record of the dispute stored on the server can be used as evidence when considering a claim.
11.1. The Company is not responsible for delays or failure to fulfill the obligations listed in the Agreement, if they are caused by force majeure circumstances, which include: natural disasters, wars, civil unrest, industrial disputes, interruptions in public utilities, DDoS attacks or other Internet attacks that can have a negative impact on the operation of the Website.
11.2. During the period of force majeure circumstances, the activities of the Website are considered suspended. During this period, there is a deferral in the performance of obligations. The Company undertakes to use all available means to find solutions that allow it to fulfill its obligations to users, up to the end of the force majeure circumstances.
12.1. If we are unable to enforce any obligation on the part of the player, or if we are unable to realize any of the remedies to which we are entitled, this will not constitute a waiver of those remedies and will not release the user from the obligation.
12.2. None of our refusals to fulfill any of the obligations listed in the Agreement is legally binding unless it is formalized and presented in full accordance with the above.
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