OVERWATCH player transfers

dateplayerold teamnew team
01.06.2022 Ryu Yebin SLT UPA
24.05.2022 LE NU
20.05.2022 Sam Wilks EqualFriend MUC
19.05.2022 AddF TR
19.05.2022 AddF TR
16.05.2022 Henrique Damião Redhawks EqualFriend
16.05.2022 Sam Wilks PHX EqualFriend
16.05.2022 Luke Fish Solaris MAR
16.05.2022 Diana W. Solaris FE EU
13.05.2022 UU Altiora
13.05.2022 LE Altiora
10.05.2022 RBE RGN
09.05.2022 Drew Raney RIP GVV
01.05.2022 Carl Thomasson TM SMC
01.05.2022 Ben Richter TM SC
01.05.2022 Henrique Damião DG Redhawks
30.04.2022 Adam Elsheemy SC NU
27.04.2022 Jack Mcarthur Solaris NYE
26.04.2022 Landon Mcgee NU LDN
25.04.2022 Hwang Gyu-tae T1 PHI

It’s clear to everyone that esports is a popular phenomenon. It has absorbed the competitive spirit of classic sports disciplines and the administrative structure and principles of team organization. Overwatch is by far one of the most popular esports video games. Like football or hockey, in pro esports, all Overwatch teams that want to be successful and win Overwatch tournaments prefer getting the most experienced players. To provide players with comfortable conditions for life, training and professional development, clubs allocate serious amounts. So, the annual income of Overwatch top players can reach tens of thousands of dollars. The team does not always try to educate professionals from the very beginners. Sometimes they can take a different road and entice a player from the other team or hire a free agent. In Overwatch, transfers from one team to another are quite common. Even though fans get used to seeing their favorites as a team, conflicts can still occur among its members. There are other reasons why players leave the team and go to other clubs. On this page, we’ve compiled information on the top Overwatch transfers for you. This info will help you better understand what is happening on the professional esports scene and look at the pro players’ careers.