Overwatch tournament rankings

#tournamentPrizeteamsPlayersteams /
1 OWL 2023 No Info 20 No Info 20 / No Info
2 ESET RS No Info 2 No Info 2 / No Info
3 OLB $ 15200 4 No Info 4 / No Info
4 CAHCC $ 25000 9 No Info 9 / No Info
5 OCH 2022 $ 63000 8 No Info 8 / No Info
6 SEL 2022 S2 $ 106407 6 No Info 6 / No Info
7 OWC 2022 S2 $ 625000 71 No Info 71 / No Info
8 NACE Showdown $ 2500 8 No Info 8 / No Info
9 HUE Invitational 2022 $ 10000 8 No Info 8 / No Info
10 Insomnia69 $ 5500 8 No Info 8 / No Info
11 OWC 2022 Summer B-Sides $ 325000 57 No Info 57 / No Info
12 OWC 2022 Summer A-Sides $ 275250 40 No Info 40 / No Info
13 OWL 2022 $ 4210000 20 No Info 20 / No Info
14 TEN 2022 #2 $ 4025 4 No Info 4 / No Info
15 SEL 2022 S1 $ 106630 6 No Info 6 / No Info
16 NACE Spring 2022 $ 10000 16 No Info 16 / No Info
17 OWCC 2022 $ 51600 16 No Info 16 / No Info
18 Questline Open $ 9750 8 No Info 8 / No Info
19 TEN 2022 #1 $ 4147 4 No Info 4 / No Info
20 SEL Cup $ 53281 4 No Info 4 / No Info
1 2 3 12


According to many esports fans, Overwatch tournaments are the most exciting esports competition. Streams of Overwatch tournaments are exciting to watch due to the specifics of the game itself. After all, Overwatch combines elements of a dynamic shooter and tactical MOBA. All OW tournaments are divided according to some criteria. For simplicity, you can use the division according to the prestige level. Top Overwatch tournaments gather the strongest players from the best world teams. These events do not take place every day but are organized regularly. Competitions of such a high level are the most interesting for fans, and the proof of it is a large number of views during the streams. Every day more and more people discover that watching the OW tournaments is no less interesting than watching the National Hockey League matches. If you also like to watch the game of professionals who master shooting skills and know team play tactics, then pay attention to the prestigious OW tournaments. There is no chance to stay indifferent.


Popular Overwatch tournaments are of great interest to all esports fans. We’ll tell you which of the top Overwatch tournaments you should pay attention to if you want to enjoy watching the game. Based on past seasons, the most exciting OW tournaments of 2020 were with the participation of the best teams. Participating in the prestigious Overwatch 2020 tournaments was not an easy task for teams, which also motivated the players to work hard on improving their skills. Professionals who strive to become the best and achieve success in esports go to great lengths with the only aim – to bring their team to the top rankings and take part in top competitions.

OVERWATCH LEAGUE 2020 Playoffs – GRAND finals

The Overwatch Grand Finals series is one of the most entertaining esports competitions held within the Overwatch discipline. At the Overwatch Grand Finals in the standings, you can see the names of the top teams that got the right to fight for first place and the cash prize. The reward strongly motivates players as the prize pool can reach a great sum of money at the Overwatch Grand Finals. The top teams represented at the Overwatch Grand Finals are playing to their full potential, as they are interested in winning. Players and teams with the best results in the Overwatch Grand Finals have additional rewards. According to the results of the Overwatch Grand Finals 2020, the San Francisco Shock team became the tournament winner.

OVERWATCH LEAGUE 2020 – North America playoffs

Overwatch League 2020 has become one of the most exciting events of the previous season. For convenience, the OW League 2020 playoffs were divided into 2 regions – Asia and North America. The Overwatch League 2020 series includes the Overwatch League 2020 North America Playoffs. For esports fans, the event is also known as the Overwatch America Playoffs. The Overwatch League 2020 North America Playoffs tournament attended 13 best teams on the North American continent. The players’ motivation was extremely strong, as the teams that took 1st and 2nd places received tickets to the Grand Final of the Overwatch league 2020 tournament. The San Francisco Shock and Philadelphia Fusion teams became the winners of the OW League 2020 North American Playoffs.

OVERWATCH LEAGUE 2020 – Asia playoffs

As part of the OW League Asia 2020 competition, the best teams of the Asian region fought for the opportunity to reach the Grand Final of the League and continue to fight for the Champion title there. In total, 7 teams took part in the competition. They all wanted to win, and each player tried to bring as much benefit to their team as possible. At the OW League Asia competition, emotions run high. At the end of the final matches of the Overwatch League Asia, the tournament results determined two finalists who received tickets to the Grand Final. Shanghai Dragons became the winner at OW League Asia, and Seoul Dynasty took 2nd place.