Overwatch teams rankings

#teamearningsratinglast game
1 BLG $ 1135780.001 year ago
2 O2B $ 1000000.001 month ago
3 Chaser $ 850000.001 year ago
4 SPG $ 670000.001 month ago
5 CC $ 650000.002 years ago
6 01E $ 475630.001 month ago
7 Falcons $ 453030.009 months ago
8 FR $ 417500.001 month ago
9 HLXC $ 415000.001 month ago
10 TM $ 389230.001 month ago
11 CC.KR $ 352640.001 year ago
12 ExO $ 350000.001 month ago
13 RBE $ 350000.001 month ago
14 T1 $ 297500.001 month ago
15 RBE $ 280000.001 month ago
16 GRUNTo $ 262000.003 years ago
17 TLN $ 261720.004 months ago
18 OA $ 261000.001 year ago
19 Maryville $ 249000.009 months ago
20 PNT $ 248500.001 month ago
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Overwatch is a fascinating phenomenon that combines several genres of games. Game developer, Blizzard Entertainment, has created a team shooter with many MOBA genre elements. Battles in the futuristic Overwatch world quickly became the focus of esports fans’ attention. Today esports teams from all over the world compete in Overwatch tournaments, trying to find out which of them is worthy of the champion title. All wins and losses are credited to the team in the form of special points used in statistics. Team rankings are formed based on these statistics. Such rankings give us a chance to accurately determine the performance of an esports team in recent matches. The top-rated Overwatch teams are the most successful esports teams in this competitive discipline. In the Overwatch League, teams are motivated to win and earn the top position on the leaderboard. Popular teams are prestigious representatives of the esports scene. They are well known to the public and attract the attention of advertisers who sponsor players. Being a leader is very beneficial, but becoming one is not an easy task at all.


The Overwatch team ranking includes the best esports teams from different countries. Getting to the top of this list is not easy. Esports status cannot be bought for money or won in the lottery. The top Overwatch teams have come a long way to the top of the leaderboard, putting a lot of effort into achieving their goal. The performances of the top teams in the matches within the Overwatch League 2020 were an exciting show and a great gift for fans. Participation and wins in such prestigious competitions allowed esports teams to earn extra points and strengthen their rankings. We will tell you about the teams that achieve success and have written their names in esports history.


Our list opens with a European team called Angry Titans. It was founded in 2017 with the support of Take TV. Overwatch fans enjoyed the first steps of the Angry Titans with 6 young players. In the Angry Titans team, the players had serious ambitions and set goals for themselves that they would achieve at any cost. Fighting against esports teams, the Evil Titans quickly gained experience and improved the results of the game. The victories of the Angry Titans in the matches allowed them to take part in prestigious tournaments and win top prizes. The Angry Titans’ way is a good illustration of how the best Overwatch teams strive for the top of the rankings.


The Aggressive team continues the list of promising Overwatch teams. It is a young team from South America, which appeared in 2020. The mention of Aggressive in the esports news has caused a sensation in the esports world, making the team members the focus of the egaming media. The new team is already participating in Overwatch tournaments and getting prizes. The managers who selected the roster of players for Aggressive did it with an eye to big wins in serious events. The ambitions of the team are in the manner of their play. Proofs of it – the results shown by Aggressive in professional league matches. Experts predict great success for this team in the esports scene.


Chinese do like esports, which is why many esports stars are from China. Among the esports teams worth mentioning is Bilibili Gaming. It is a professional esports organization that includes rosters participating in several esports disciplines. BG ranks among the top teams in Hearthstone. However, we are not interested in Hearthstone now. Let’s concentrate on Bilibili Gaming’s achievements in Overwatch. The Bilibili Overwatch roster appeared in 2019. Despite their young age, Bilibili players demonstrate a high level of skills in matches. All OW tournaments with the participation of this Chinese team attract the attention of a large audience. The team has fans not only in China but also in Europe and America.