Overwatch players rankings

#nicknamenameearningsratinglast game
1 Rascal Dongjun Kim $ 548404No Info3 years ago
2 Hooreg Dong-eun Lee $ 455976No Info3 years ago
3 STRIKER Namju Gwon $ 325372No Info3 years ago
4 Gesture Jaehui Hong $ 324526No Info3 years ago
5 Nevix Andreas Karlsson $ 321648No Info3 years ago
6 Profit Junyoung Park $ 320976No Info3 years ago
7 Fissure Chanhyoeng Baek $ 305467No Info3 years ago
8 Choihyobin Hyobin Choi $ 303352No Info3 years ago
9 BIRDRING Ji Hyeok Kim $ 302655No Info3 years ago
10 sinatraa Jay Won $ 301290No Info3 years ago
11 moth Grant Espe $ 300884No Info3 years ago
12 Architect Minho Park $ 294197No Info3 years ago
13 Bdosin Seungtae Choi $ 294041No Info3 years ago
14 Fury Junho Kim $ 291733No Info3 years ago
15 sleepy Nikola Andrews $ 290000No Info3 years ago
16 super Matthew Delisi $ 290000No Info3 years ago
17 NUS Jongseok Kim $ 288320No Info3 years ago
18 Closer Wonsik Jung $ 285041No Info3 years ago
19 Smurf Myeong Hwan Yoo $ 283529No Info3 years ago
20 Viol2t Minki Park $ 280000No Info3 years ago
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Overwatch is a popular game by Blizzard Entertainment that combines a shooter and MOBA elements. Unlike most esports team-based competitive disciplines, esports teams in Overwatch consist of 6 players. Overwatch pro players are esports stars who spend a lot of time training to demonstrate their best skills in competitions. During the tournaments, players work hard on their statistics, where all the critical moments of the matches are recorded. Based on these statistics, the Overwatch player ranking is compiled, which allows us to assess each esports player’s current form objectively. The desire to become the best and take their place among the most successful players also motivates gamers, giving them the opportunity to show individual skills that will be appreciated and allow them to lead the rankings. The Overwatch top players are the most experienced and productive esports players who have achieved significant results in their careers. Being the leader of the ranking is not only prestigious but also profitable. The salaries of professional esports players depend on their position in the rankings. In addition, esports stars are of great interest to many advertisers and sponsors.


Top positions in the Overwatch player rankings are occupied by the most successful esports players who achieved amazing results in professional competitions. Such rankings reflect their performance and provide unbiased info on how players contribute to the team’s performance in Overwatch tournaments. As a rule, the most successful players are very popular among esports fans because they bring victory to their team. With the rise of esports popularity, pro players have become real stars, whose fame can be compared to the fame of football or hockey idols. Below you can find the names of the top 5 Overwatch players in the world.


Hyo-bin Choi is the first in the Overwatch player rankings. He is a professional Overwatch League player from South Korea, plays under the nickname Choihyobin. Choihyobin started his career in 2017 as a member of the X6-Gaming team. He could achieve significant success, playing on the local level. And his many achievements are present in the profile statistics. After a while, managers of international esports teams became interested in him. From 2018 to the present day, Hyo-bin Choi has been a top San Francisco Shock team player. Thanks to him, this team won and took first place in the Overwatch League 2020, earning the champion title and $1,500,000.


The next best esports player on our list is Eui-Seok Lee, known in the Overwatch community as Fearless. He is a South Korean player who started his journey to esports heights in 2017. Throughout his career, he demonstrated excellent results. The Fearless individual statistics have steadily increased, which has become the reason for being invited as a member of the best Overwatch teams. Fearless signed a contract with the Dallas Fuel team in 2020 – he is a member of this team up to now. With the help of Fearless, the team took 3rd place in the Overwatch League 2020 and earned $450,000.


Like previous players, the next top Overwatch esports player is from South Korea. Kim Byung-sun, who plays as Fleta in the Overwatch League, is a cult hero for many esports fans worldwide. Fleta began his career in the Overwatch League in 2017 as a member of the Flash Lux team. The player quickly gained experience, which was reflected in Fleta’s achievement stats. Today, he is one of the strongest players in the world and plays for the Shanghai Dragons team. Fleta made a significant contribution to the team’s development and helped them win the bronze at the Overwatch League 2020.


Kim Kyung-bo from South Korea is known to the Overwatch esports community as a professional player under the nickname Alarm. Alarm’s career in Overwatch began in 2016 when he joined the BK Stars team. Kim proved to be a talented player and began to show excellent results reflected in Alarm’s stats. He quickly became a prominent figure in the professional scene and attracted the attention of top esports managers. During his career, he changed several clubs. At the moment, the Korean player is a member of the American Philadelphia Fusion club. Kim’s skills and performance have made him one of the best Overwatch players.


Chinese esports player Ding Menghan concludes our list of Overwatch top players. His Overwatch nickname Ameng is well known to all fans of the game. Before becoming one of the most popular esports players, Ameng played in the Legend Young Beyond team. It was in 2017, but even then, this young gamer showed good results and demonstrated a desire to become better. By participating in OW tournaments, he improved his stats. Over time, Ameng got over many well-known players in the region. After changing several teams, he received an invitation to Chengdu Hunters, and he has been a member of this team up to day. Ding Menghan is one of the strongest players in the world and is not going to stop there.