LOL teams rankings

#teamearningsratinglast game
1 NASR $ 3500000.003 years ago
2 RGE $ 242504249.403 months ago
3 MrBeast $ 1500000.006 months ago
4 OOB $ 1000000.002 years ago
5 SGB $ 7288014.253 months ago
6 BLG $ 716990.001 month ago
7 noway4u $ 620000.002 years ago
8 UST $ 595080.002 months ago
9 DKC $ 537170.004 months ago
10 FNC $ 469000.001 year ago
11 NS.C $ 440240.004 months ago
12 TT $ 430160.001 month ago
13 MSF $ 370770.004 months ago
14 BAY $ 317510.007 months ago
15 UPA $ 310160.005 months ago
16 TLN $ 300000.002 years ago
17 RNG $ 28683249.401 month ago
18 EDG $ 28683199.521 month ago
19 GK $ 250000.001 month ago
20 RGO $ 206600.002 months ago
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League of Legends is considered the most popular multiplayer game. Kind of hard to argue with that. The total number of League Of Legends players is over 100 million. It is not surprising that professional tournaments in this esports discipline evoke a strong reaction from fans of this game every time. Each competition, held within the framework of prestigious leagues, allows teams to test their skills and compete for the champion title. Game fans highly respect esports teams that regularly win championships. All wins and losses are recorded in the LoL team’s profile, affecting the statistics. Based on such statistics, team rankings are formed. They reflect the current situation on the professional scene. It’s impossible to get the top LoL team status simply by buying a place in the ranking. The best LoL teams that occupy the top ranking lines are the strongest and most successful among pro teams. The matches with the participation of top LoL teams attract a large audience. Fans know that an interesting and exciting show awaits them, which will not leave any of them indifferent.


League Of Legends is a game that offers many opportunities for players. Esports teams that work hard to improve their performance in LoL tournaments are moving up the ranked ladder. The higher position a team occupies in the rankings, the more popular and successful it is. And the more it attracts fans and sponsors. The top teams’ names are known to a wide range of people. LoL leaders are mentioned on TV, in newspapers, news and other sources about esports, video games and trends. But nothing comes that easy. Prestige, popularity and top earnings result from the hard work that professional players do regularly.


The top 3 esports teams claiming to be the best includes the famous European League Of Legends team. Astralis team is a legend in the world of esports. The organization participates in various competitive disciplines, including CS: GO. The first Astralis roster consisted of the Origen team. In some respects, Origen’s roster just rebranded, changing the club’s name. The organization’s leaders accumulated a lot of experience gained in Counter-Strike, so they knew how to build a team structure and how to recruit players. The comfortable conditions offered to the esports players allowed them to achieve success. Astralis players show outstanding performance in matches with other LoL teams, which made the esports community interested in the club.


The legendary LoL team Fnatic continues our story about the top teams. The team was founded in 2011 and is one of the oldest League Of Legends esports clubs. Fnatic’s first golden roster have written their names in esports history forever, becoming the first League Of Legends world champions. The successful start was the beginning of Fnatic’s way to the rankings of star teams. Throughout the organization’s history and participation in League Of Legends tournaments, Fnatic has repeatedly become the winners of competitions, increasing its popularity and prestige. The money earned from winning tournaments allowed players to work on improving their skills.


The Asian region is considered the home of the best LoL players and esports teams. The proof of these words is the LoL team Edward Gaming. The EDG team appeared in China in 2013. The first roster included Chinese players who showed serious promise. The success of Edward Gaming in matches quickly brought the team to the top. The players’ ambitions and wins in prestigious competitions led the team to the top LoL tournament – the World Championship 2014. And although the team did not win, EDG’s performance impressed esports fans. Wins in League of Legends tournaments brought Edward Gaming to the top of the team rankings. Thus, EDG became one of the prominent representatives of the Asian region.