LOL player transfers

dateplayerold teamnew team
2021-08-18XavielesGGM WOLF
2021-08-18DomolesARR TEG
2021-08-18Sh4dowUSARR CG
2021-08-18-ARR -
2021-08-18-ARR -
2021-08-18-ARR -
2021-08-18Czaru- TEG
2021-08-18Bolszak- TEG
2021-08-18Grk- TEG
2021-08-18Biosun- DV1
2021-08-18Ariana- PT7
2021-08-18-- -
2021-08-18-- -
2021-08-18-GLG -
2021-08-18Luprin- -
2021-08-18Ankor- GSE
2021-08-18UnicornG- OC
2021-08-18Caprice- TEX
2021-08-18-- -
2021-08-17KunouGLG KoN

Recently, many people believed that esports disciplines could not be compared to traditional sports since they are entirely different competitive disciplines. However, this myth has long been dispelled, and the esports field is actively adopting world-class sport features. Esports teams and associations are increasingly becoming like professional football or hockey clubs. As in classic sports, the best LoL teams provide their players with high salaries, training facilities and other conditions for professional development. LoL players today are free to choose under the banner of which club they play and where to build their careers. Lol player transfers, that is, their transfers from one team to another, are pretty frequent and will surprise no one. That being said, everyone has their reasons for changing club colors. Some LoL players may not be satisfied with the atmosphere within the team, others – with the management policy or salaries. Whatever the case, to understand esports, you need to know how an esports player’s career is built. On this page, we have collected for you detailed information about the essential transfers in recent years. This info will help you follow the careers of famous esports players and better understand what is happening on the professional scene. We regularly follow the news of esports and update all information, so you can be sure that all info provided is up-to-date.