HEARTHSTONE player transfers

Hearthstone is a popular online digital collectible card game, one of the most popular esports disciplines today. Although players fight one to one during matches in this game, professional Hearthstone players tend to team up. Such a strategy makes their lives much easier, transferring organizational and financial issues to the coaches and team managers. Hearthstone player transfers do not happen as often as, for example, in football or hockey, but they do occur from time to time. In Hearthstone, top teams try to get the best players, professionals of their craft. There is another way – try to lure experienced players from other teams. The higher the position of an esports player in the top Hearthstone players rankings, the more team managers are willing to put in efforts to get him. Therefore, to recruit such a player, teams can allocate substantial sums of money. Pro player contracts can reach tens of thousands of dollars.
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