Hearthstone Tournament Rankings

#tournamentPrizeteamsPlayersteams /
1 World Championship 2022 $ 500000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
2 LL 9 $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
3 LL 8 $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
4 Masters Seasonal 2022 Fall $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
5 LL 7 $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
6 Masters 2022 Tour MaD $ 250000 No Info 542 No Info / 542
7 LL 6 $ 50000 No Info 28 No Info / 28
8 LL 5 $ 50000 No Info 51 No Info / 51
9 Grandmasters 2022 S2 Last Call $ 150000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
10 Masters 2022 Tour MaCN $ 250000 No Info 572 No Info / 572
11 LL 4 $ 50000 No Info 52 No Info / 52
12 Masters 2022 Tour Vashj'ir $ 250000 No Info 591 No Info / 591
13 LL 3 $ 50000 No Info 52 No Info / 52
14 Masters Seasonal 2022 Summer $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
15 LL 2 $ 50000 No Info 52 No Info / 52
16 Masters 2022 Tour VTSC $ 250000 No Info 596 No Info / 596
17 LL 1 $ 50000 No Info 53 No Info / 53
18 Grandmasters 2022 S1 AM $ 83303 No Info 16 No Info / 16
19 Grandmasters 2022 S1 EU $ 83333 No Info 16 No Info / 16
20 Masters 2022 Tour RoA $ 250000 No Info 601 No Info / 601
1 2 3 17


Hearthstone tournaments are not the most popular esports competitions, but fans of the game do like them. As a result, such streams collect a sufficient number of views. Major competitions are held with the support of the developer company – Blizzard Entertainment. Prize pools for Hearthstone tournaments cannot compete with the amounts Valve allocates for holding Dota 2 championships. But at the same time, top players who participate in Hearthstone tournaments can earn tens of thousands of dollars for winning one prestigious event. Hearthstone tournaments are held regularly but less frequently than other popular esports events. Therefore, you will not see the daily Hearthstone tournaments here. Unless, of course, we are talking about prestigious pro competitions. However, none of this makes Hearthstone tournaments less interesting. They occupy their niche and have their audience. If you love online card games, then Hearthstone tournaments are the best option for you. You can watch live streams and root for your favorites.


All Hearthstone tournaments can be roughly divided into professional and amateur levels. The professional ones are those HS tournaments, in which top players who have built their careers in esports participate. Amateur HS tournaments include competitions with a low budget, where everyone is welcome to take part. Let’s talk about the entertainment side. Of course, it will be more interesting to watch a pro Hearthstone tournament than the competitions held among beginners and amateurs. However, if you are a beginner, you can apply and participate in such an event on your own. Each Hearthstone tournament is unique and exciting in its way. Choose the one you like and enjoy the game.


Masters Tour Hearthstone competitions are among the most popular and prestigious HS events. Each Masters Tour brings together a lot of pro players who compete against each other for the champion title and the first place. In addition to fame and title, winning the tournament also brings top money. The prize pool for the Masters Tour series is several hundred thousand dollars. Such amounts are quite a strong motivation for players to do their best. You can find streams of HS Masters Tour matches on websites and in thematic groups. What is more, they are available in different languages. You can watch the Masters Tour HS card battles in the comfort of your home.


The Hearthstone Invitational is a series of pro competitions that deserve the esports fans’ attention. Blizzard Entertainment sponsors each Invitational HS Event. The tournaments have elite status, so the players taking part in the All-Star Invitational are well motivated to win and try to show their best. Professionals who have demonstrated near-ideal results at the All-Star Invitational can qualify for the champion title and top reward. In All-Star Invitational tournaments, the prize pool is tens of thousands of dollars so that the winner can come home with a pretty sum in his pocket. The streams of matches within the HS Invitational have many views on the Internet, which indicates their popularity among esports fans.


HS World Championship is Hearthstone’s major esports event. The HS World Championship is held once a year at the BlizzCon festival organized by Blizzard Entertainment. You will find the names of the pro starts among the World Championship players. All professional esports players who play HS are seriously preparing to get the status of the best players at the Hearthstone World Championship. The prize pool of the 2020 World Championship was $500,000, which is an impressive amount in the esports world. In the World Championship Hearthstone, top players battle for the prize pool and the prestigious title. Esports players who show strong performance at the World Championship HS tournament become famous – a nice bonus to a win and cash reward.