Hearthstone teams rankings

#teamearningsratinglast game
1 Pandore $ 5500.002 years ago
2 ILH $ 4000.002 years ago
3 Oplon $ 2000.002 years ago
4 YaLLa $ 2000.002 years ago
5 ATK $ 1000.002 years ago
6 E-LVETS $ 1000.002 years ago
7 LE $ 1000.002 years ago
8 ORO $ 1000.002 years ago
9 이스티 No Info0.0053 years ago
10 00Nation No Info54.0053 years ago
11 17173 No Info0.0053 years ago
12 836 Pizza No Info0.0053 years ago
13 9z No Info0.0053 years ago
14 ADA No Info0.0053 years ago
15 ACE.PH No Info0.0053 years ago
16 Ad Finem No Info0.0053 years ago
17 AEC No Info0.0053 years ago
18 AeroX No Info0.0053 years ago
19 AS No Info0.0053 years ago
20 AGO No Info0.0053 years ago
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Hearthstone is the most popular digital card game in the world. The competitive basis of the game mechanism also allowed it to become a full-fledged competitive esports discipline. Today esports organizations create teams in Hearthstone for a pro competition. Hearthstone tournaments may not be as numerous and popular as Dota 2 or LoL competitions. Still, they have filled their niche and got their audience. Esports teams participating in tournaments earn points calculated to determine the team’s position in the team ranking. In Hearthstone, the best teams are at the top of the list. The dream of every esports player is to become a member of the leading Hearthstone teams. Such an opportunity strongly motivates the player to concentrate on improving his skills for the upcoming Hearthstone tournaments. Practice shows that solo players can also achieve good results, but working on improving their skills being a part of a team is much more efficient. Having become a member of a prestigious organization, the player receives comfortable conditions for his self-realization and sponsorship funding.


The top Hearthstone teams that every fan knows today did not succeed in the snap of a finger. They had a long way, going through many tournaments, where they defended their title and fought for prizes. Each team’s history is unique, but none have been as easy as ABC. To achieve success in Hearthstone is possible only through hard work and regular training. There are many esports teams globally, but not all of them could become the leaders and take the top lines of the rankings. Additionally, fans of esports competitions do respect the teams that scored the most points. Being the best of the best is difficult, but it is worth doing.


Cloud9 team is among the best esports teams taking part in professional Hearthstone competitions. The first Cloud9 roster appeared in 2014. It included professional players from Europe and North America. The results shown by the Cloud9 team in the matches demonstrate players’ serious approach and their desire to become the leaders of esports organizations rankings. And although sometimes they faced losses, the will to win forced the team to move forward. Cloud9’s current roster consists of Hearthstone veterans. So, for example, Kolento has been playing in the team since 2014. He regularly takes first place in tournaments, bringing Cloud9 to the top rankings positions.


The list of top Hearthstone teams is continued by the well-known team called Complexity Gaming. This esports organization is represented in several esports disciplines at once, including famous shooters and MOBAs. In 2014, Complexity Gaming, with a roster of professional Hearthstone players, started training and participated in its first games. From that moment on, the story of legendary players begins, some of whom continue to participate in tournaments under the CG banner. The team’s management made every possible effort to create a favorable atmosphere within the team and provide esports players with the best conditions for developing their careers. Such a tactic works, and today Complexity Gaming players demonstrate the highest performance in HS matches, regularly winning competitions.


Finishing our list of top Hearthstone teams, we have to say a few words about a professional esports organization from the United States, represented in various disciplines. Since 2015, esports fans have actively supported Circa Esports’ performances in Hearthstone matches. The rivals were often more experienced players representing strong esports teams. Still, the Circa Esports Hearthstone team had players who were not afraid to face any challenges. Wins in prestigious Hearthstone tournaments have made the organization’s players famous and successful. Circa Esports deservedly ranks among the top Hearthstone teams from around the world. The team still functions today, streaming and playing HS.