HEARTHSTONE players rankings

#nicknamenameearningsratinglast game
1 Trump Jeffrey Shih No Info0.00 %53 years ago
2 Rdu Radu Dima No Info0.00 %5 months ago
3 Thijs Thijs Molendijk No Info0.01 %3 months ago
4 Impact Josh Graham No Info0.00 %3 months ago
5 Lalasong Zi Song Hee No Info0.00 %53 years ago
6 Ant Anthony Trevino No Info0.00 %5 years ago
7 tom60229 Wei Lin Chen No Info0.00 %1 year ago
8 Xeno Michał Kaczorowski No Info0.00 %7 months ago
9 foreo Lukas Arkusinski No Info0.00 %53 years ago
10 Un33D Grégoire Bodin No Info0.00 %3 years ago
11 Thefishou Thomas Guedj No Info0.00 %6 months ago
12 Lowelo No Info0.00 %53 years ago
13 Yogg Damien L'hostis No Info0.00 %5 months ago
14 Cipher Gareth Rouse No Info0.00 %53 years ago
15 Crane Simon Raunholst No Info0.00 %1 year ago
16 TheDing Ding Zhang No Info0.00 %53 years ago
17 Muzzy Muzahidul I. No Info0.00 %1 year ago
18 Hellion5.Sevz Ethan Nguyen No Info0.00 %53 years ago
19 Hellion5.Archimedes David Gerstein No Info0.00 %53 years ago
20 Hellion5.Aldrik Keith Hartranft No Info0.00 %53 years ago
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Hearthstone tournaments are not only exciting events that attract thousands of fans. It is also a competition and a great opportunity for esports teams to decide which of them is the best. Each win in the competition plays a significant role in their statistics. Based on statistics, a ranking of Hearthstone players is formed, which shows the position of esports players and allows us to estimate their careers. Anyone who wants to become the top Hearthstone player must work hard, develop their strategy and win the competition. However, becoming one of the most successful and popular esports stars is worthy of all the efforts put into achieving this aim. Hearthstone fans do respect the best players. The names of top esports players are heard today even by people who are far from computer games and esports competitions. Plus, being an esports star is not only prestigious but also profitable.


In the Hearthstone card game, the best players regularly work to improve their skills. It is their professional responsibility as they are members of esports organizations and represent the team’s interests in various competitions, including the daily Hearthstone tournaments. The more successful an esports player’s career is, the more often he wins competitive events and receives prestigious titles – the more popular he is in the esports industry. In Hearthstone, the world’s top players are real stars who, like football stars, are heroes for their fans. With their hard work and will to win, they become a role model for beginners. They are also of great interest to sponsors and advertisers.


Among the Hearthstone players who could show outstanding results based on their performance in tournaments, we have to single out the strongest player who scored the most points. Sato Kenta, known as Glory in the Hearthstone community, opens our roster of the top esports players. Sato is not a member of esports teams. Still, this player from Japan became the world champion by winning the Hearthstone World Championship 2020. Thus, winning the World Championship positively affected Glory’s Hearthstone statistics and allowed him to write his name on the list of legendary esports players. And of course, do not forget about the champion’s prize money. The young Japanese man, having become the titled winner, improved his well-being by $200,000.


Another esports player included in the top of the Hearthstone ranking is a young Czech gamer named Jaromír “Jarla” Vyskočil. Jarla represents the interests of his team in matches, as he is a member of the Nordavind esports organization. Among the latest achievements of Jaromír, we can note his participation in Hearthstone World Championship 2020, where he took an honorable second place, losing in the final to Sato Kenta. Thus, although Jarla did not become a champion, he demonstrated a high skill level and a burning desire to win. Jaromír also earned $100,000 in this championship. Of course, this is not the kind of winnings that Dota 2 players are fighting for, but for Hearthstone, it is a significant prize.


Jerome Faucher, nickname – Monsanto, is at the top of the Hearthstone player rankings. Monsanto is a young Canadian player who is well-known in the esports community. Currently, he is not a member of any esports organization; now, he plays as a free agent. However, this does not prevent the Canadian from moving up the career ladder. Among the outstanding achievements of Monsanto in Hearthstone, it is worth highlighting his participation in the World Championship, where he took 3rd place and received $50,000. The bronze allowed Monsante to strengthen positions in the esports world and to write his name in the Hearthstone history of the world’s top players.


A Hearthstone player named xBlyzes is known by many esports fans. He is a famous esports player ranked among the best Hearthstone players. The real name of the xBlyzes is Zakarya Hail. He is a player from France who plays for the esports organization Grizi Esport. Zakarya’s Hearthstone career began in 2018. He has participated in various Hearthstone tournaments and often achieved the champion title. So, xBlyzes added wins at Grandmasters 2020 Season 2 – EMEA Stage 1 Tournament, Masters Tour 2020 Arlington and Masters Tour 2020 Los Angeles in the 2020 statistics of his achievements. Having become the winner of prestigious events, the player strengthened his position in the ranking.


The last player on our list of top Hearthstone players will represent the CIS region. He is a Russian esports player named Vladislav Sinotov, also known as SilverName in the Hearthstone community. SilverName is the real star of the professional esports scene. SilverName started his career in esports, joining Anox organization, then moved to Team Spirit, where he continues career up to the moment. SilverName is ranked among the best players for a reason. He can be proud of many impressive wins at competitions of various levels. Among his recent achievements is participation in the Hearthstone World Championship 2020, where he lost to stronger players but could earn $50,000.