Esports is a popular trend that is becoming more and more widespread every day. Dota 2 is one of the most beloved esports disciplines. This is a team game in which the gamer’s skill plays a crucial role. That is why every professional esports organization dreams of the best Dota 2 players. To achieve this aim, some try to educate newcomers within the team and make them professionals. Others are trying to recruit already well-known and experienced esports players from the top Dota 2 teams. In Dota 2, players’ transfers from one team to another have become quite common. Each esports player can have their thoughts on which team to build their career in. Someone leaves the team because they do not see an opportunity for development, someone is attracted by the money offered by the managers of a third-party esports team, and so on. Even though fans get used to seeing their favorite players as part of the same team, Dota 2 player transfers often happen. On this page, you can see the main transfers of Dota 2 players. Such info will help you better understand how the world of esports works and how the career of professional esports players develops. Stay tuned for esports news and visit our website regularly to follow the latest info on esports events and the careers of your favorite players!