Dota 2 teams rankings

#teamearningsPro Circuitratinglast game
1OG$ 33854524No Info0.001 year ago
2Liquid$ 22949112No Info0.001 year ago
3EG$ 20099628900740.001 year ago
4PSG.LGD$ 164632839001056.001 year ago
5NewBee$ 13406962No Info0.002 years ago
6Secret$ 11601009350120.001 year ago
7VP$ 994030520028.001 year ago
8Wings$ 9727127No Info0.005 years ago
9VG$ 8975490550343.001 year ago
10IG$ 5643195500340.001 year ago
11[A]$ 4931719No Info0.001 year ago
12NAVI$ 4922752No Info0.001 year ago
13TnC$ 456506220084.401 year ago
14DC$ 4395081No Info0.004 years ago
15Fnatic$ 4177771No Info17.601 year ago
16EHOME$ 4009127No Info0.001 year ago
17CDEC$ 3609376No Info0.001 year ago
18LGD.FY$ 3001406No Info0.004 years ago
19MVP$ 2791557No Info0.005 years ago
20Mineski$ 2223401No Info0.003 years ago
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Dota 2 is one of the esports disciplines in which regular competitions are held. Even though Dota 2 tournaments do not attract as many fans as League of Legends competitions, Dota 2 holds the status of the most popular games in the world. The prestigious Dota competitions are also well-known because of generous prize awards, amounting to millions of dollars. These factors are crucial for esports teams performing on the professional stage. Dota 2 teams are professional organizations, the main aim of which is to win competitions. The level of training and the current form of each professional team is displayed in the team rankings. The best teams, which have become winners of prestigious competitions, occupy top positions in such rankings. Today, Dota 2 teams with rosters consisting of the esports stars are in the top rankings. As a rule, these are players with several years of pro experience and two or more wins. By purchasing the best players, the team increases its chances of winning.


Esports knows a lot of stories about teams that made their way to the top of the Dota 2 team rankings, starting from the bottom. Esports teams in Dota 2 consist of 5 players, each with their unique backgrounds and ambitions. A comfortable atmosphere within an esports team and adequate conditions for training and development are important components that allow players to improve their skills. We will tell you about the top Dota 2 teams that went through all the stages of formation and were able to break out into the leaders of the team rankings. Each of these teams works hard to prove their leader status.


The Asian region has always been famous for its experienced esports players. The Ehome team, which opens our list of top Dota 2 teams, became the best in its region. The club’s history begins in 2010, when the Ehome team, consisting of 5 people, took part in the first Dota 2 competitions. The Ehome team has been functioning in Dota 2 for many years. During years on the scene, it gained the necessary experience, which the team could successfully implement in organizing the training process, approach to competitions and general management. These factors distinguish the Chinese team from other esports teams. The strategy chosen affects Ehome’s performance in recent matches, each of which is of great importance to the team’s players.


The next team on the top Dota 2 teams list bears the laconic name T1. You may have heard T1 in esports news or other media. It is an Indonesian esports organization founded by a local mobile operator. The organization has existed since 2004, but the T1 Dota 2 roster appeared only in 2019. According to the games’ statistics, the T1 team shows one of the best results in the region. T1 players have shown great skills in recent matches and pushed their team ahead. These results were taken into account in the ranking and had a positive effect on T1’s position. Perhaps anytime soon, we will also see the T1 banner among the Dota 2 teams in the World Championship.


The OG team is also present in the top rankings, leaving far behind the less successful esports teams. The OG organization was founded in 2016, it was a mix of professional players recruited from different Dota 2 teams. However, this chaotic start did not prevent OG from becoming champions of 4 majors in the first two seasons. According to the results of recent years, the OG team in Dota 2 has won many awards. The strong performance of OG in Dota 2 matches indicates the quality level of the players’ training. Due to the games’ statistics, OG has become one of the best in Dota 2 history.