Dota 2 players rankings

#nicknamenameroleearningsratinglast game
1 N0tail Johan Sundstein No info$ 7126853No Info1 month ago
2 JerAx Jesse Vainikka Support$ 648292342 %8 months ago
3 ana Anathan Pham Carry$ 6023117311 %3 months ago
4 Ceb Sebastien Debs Offlaner$ 5804559346 %1 month ago
5 Topson Topias Taavitsainen Mid$ 5692363386 %1 month ago
6 KuroKy Kuro Salehi Takhasomi No info$ 5223531160 %1 month ago
7 MATUMBAMAN Lasse Urpalainen Carry$ 4970999319 %2 months ago
8 Miracle- Amer Al-barqawi Carry$ 4881535221 %4 months ago
9 MinD_ContRoL Ivan Ivanov Offlaner$ 4680869213 %1 month ago
10 GH Maroun Merhej Support$ 4286874148 %1 month ago
11 Miposhka Yaroslav Naidenov No info$ 4227815206 %4 weeks ago
12 Collapse Magomed Khalilov Offlaner$ 3987074254 %4 weeks ago
13 YatoroGOD Illya Mulyarchuk Carry$ 3985469261 %4 weeks ago
14 TORONTOTOKYO Alexander Khertek Mid$ 3977526240 %3 months ago
15 Mira Miroslav Kolpakov Support$ 3970883223 %4 weeks ago
16 Puppey Clement Ivanov No info$ 3937188246 %2 months ago
17 Ame Wang Chunyu Carry$ 3931872315 %3 months ago
18 Sumail Syed Sumail Hassan Mid$ 3811639221 %1 month ago
19 WhyouSm1Le Zhang Yiping Support$ 3752520214 %3 months ago
20 Faith_bian Zhang Ruida Offlaner$ 3747020317 %3 months ago
1 2 3 980


Dota 2 tournaments provide an opportunity for esports teams to find out which of them is worthy of victory and the title of champion. Victories in prestigious competitions are important when calculating the team’s achievements and allowing them to compete for top positions in the list of the best Dota 2 teams. However, in addition to the team rankings, there is also an individual player ranking. Professional esports players who participate in Dota 2 competitions receive special points displayed in their statistics. This data considers the kills of enemy heroes, deaths, wins in matches and tournaments, and other game indicators. Working on these statistics is an additional motivation for esports players. According to the year statistics in Dota 2, the best players are ranked due to the number of points scored. Such a scheme allows us to compile rankings of Dota 2 players and objectively assess the statistics of each pro gamer. On the first lines of the list, you will find the names of the most famous and successful esports players. Becoming a leader and taking the top position of the individual ranking at the end of the year is the dream of every professional player.


In 2020, all participants of Dota 2 competitions have worked hard to become better. The results of their efforts are present in the rankings of professional esports players. The top positions in the best Dota 2 players ranking in 2020 took professional esports organizations’ most famous and talented members. Since the top Dota 2 teams are often international, there are no geographic limits for such rankings. The location of Dota 2 players can be very different, but this does not affect their position in the list. Below we have provided a list of players included in the TOP 5 ranking, showing the best results at the end of the year during professional Dota 2 competitions.


Professional esports player from Sweden Linus Blomdin, also known as Limmp in Dota 2 community, was included in the list of the best players in 2020. Limmp started his career in 2014, and during that time, he has changed several esports teams. He is currently a member of the Alliance organization, the top Dota 2 team. In 2020, he became one of the players whose MMR exceeded the 10,000 mark. Limmp plays in the mid position, so the team success in the whole match depends on his game results. By the way, these results are quite good. Not least because of Limmp’s skills, the team’s wins in matches become a reality.


Among the best Dota 2 players in 2020, there was a place for an esports player from the CIS. It was Alik Vorobey, known as V-Tune in the Dota 2 community. V-Tune plays in the Natus Vincere team as carry. At 20, he has already become one of the most famous professional Dota 2 players. His esports biography is a good example for newbies who dream of a career in Dota 2. Thanks to the excellent skills and great results shown in tournaments, the young V-Tune outperformed even the eminent veterans of esports battles in terms of rankings and points. V-Tune is not satisfied with his current achievements and plans to add new titles and wins in his esports biography.


The name Miracle in Dota 2 is known to everyone who is even a bit interested in esports competitions. It was Amer Al-Barkawi who became the first player whose MMR exceeded the 9,000 mark. The first team in Miracle’s Dota 2 career was Balkan Bears. In addition, he played in such star teams as OG, Team Liquid, and is currently a member of the professional esports organization Team Nigma. Miracle is a strong and experienced player who can play a wide variety of characters in carry and mid positions quite well. Thanks to the results shown by Miracle in professional matches, he could achieve success and was included in the list of the best Dota 2 players in 2020.


Michał Jankowski is known as Nisha in the Dota 2 world. According to the competition results, he became one of the most productive esports players in 2020. Beating even esports veterans, young Nisha is among the best in the Dota 2 players ranking, becoming one of the top five. Of course, this title is the result of many years of hard work. Nisha’s career in Dota 2 began in 2015. Since then, he has been a member of various teams, and now he is a member of Team Secret. The role that Nisha plays in his team’s wins cannot be underestimated. Thanks to his skillful actions, Team Secret has become the champion of prestigious tournaments many times.


Nikolay Nikolov, a Bulgarian professional esports player known as Nikobaby, concludes our story about the best Dota 2 top players of 2020. Nikobaby started his Dota 2 career in 2015. He played in the Bulgarian team Gplay. The first years of Nikobaby’s Dota 2 career were unremarkable. But gradually, Nikolay gained experience. The results that Nikobaby demonstrated in the matches interested the Alliance team’s managers. He was invited to the official roster, where he plays to this very day. Esports experts highly appreciate Nikobaby’s contribution to the wins of his team. His reaction and flawless play as carry lead the Alliance team to new achievements.