CS:GO tournament rankings

#tournamentPrizeteamsPlayersteams /
1 ESL Impact S4 $ 123000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
2 ESL DH Atlanta 2023 $ 100000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
3 ESL DH Winter 2023 $ 100000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
4 IEM 2023 Fall $ 250000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
5 ESL Challenger S47 $ 120000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
6 IESF World 2023 $ 100000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
7 EPL S18 $ 835000 15 No Info 15 / No Info
8 IEM Cologne 2023 $ 1000000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
9 ESL Challenger S46 $ 120000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
10 ESL DH Hannover 2023 $ 100000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
11 ESL Impact S3 $ 123000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
12 IEM Dallas 2023 $ 250000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
13 GI 2023 $ 7133 1 No Info 1 / No Info
14 BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 $ 1250000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
15 ESL Challenger 52 $ 100000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
16 IEM 2023 Spring $ 250000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
17 ESL Challenger S45 $ 120000 No Info No Info No Info / No Info
18 PNM 2023 Spring No Info 4 10 4 / 10
19 Road to Nexus $ 3274 3 No Info 3 / No Info
20 EPL S17 $ 850000 26 No Info 26 / No Info
1 2 3 128


CS tournaments are held regularly. Each CS GO tournament has its features, which differ in competitions for CS: GO professionals and beginners. You can choose which of the tournaments you should pay attention to. Try not to miss the upcoming CS: GO tournaments. To do this, use the CS tournament calendar. The calendar will be useful for you if you are looking for a specific match within a CS GO tournament. Thus, such a schedule of Navi CS GO matches will be easy to find. You can also see information about past events, for example, CS: GO tournaments in 2020. The results of CS: GO tournaments 2020 were unexpected for many players and fans. The teams demonstrated a masterful game and won seemingly lost battles. The entire CIS region was rooting for their heroes, marking Navi CS GO matches in the calendar. The results of the CS: GO tournaments in 2020 showed the teams’ readiness for upcoming competitions, which caused changes in the esports teams’ rosters.


CS: GO tournaments are divided according to various criteria, including the event’s format, the region, the size of the prize pool, etc. CS GO pro tournaments are for experienced players. And there are some special CS: GO tournaments for beginners as well. You can watch all CS GO tournaments or choose a specific event. Take a close look at the calendar of the upcoming CS: GO tournaments, check the events description and choose the one that attracts you more. Many CS GO tournaments are annual events; however, some are more exciting than others – and that’s okay. Tastes differ. If you know the value of time and do not want to watch all the games, then choose the most interesting events for you.


ESEA tournaments with the best CS: GO players attract many esports fans. ESEA matches are a great opportunity for CS: GO teams to demonstrate their skills. In addition, the prize pool of ESEA tournaments can reach several thousand dollars, which additionally motivates all participants. On the ESEA website, you can check the conditions and format of each event. The top team that wins the ESEA tournament receives the title of champion and top prizes. ESEA competitions allow top CS players and teams to earn points and improve their position in the rankings. The ESEA winners lists include the names of favorite teams.


CSGO Summit competitions are popular among both esports fans and pro players. Summit CSGO is a competition regularly held by the esports association Beyond The Summit. The CS Summit champion receives fame, ranking points, fan love and top cash rewards. For example, the total CSGO prize pool for Summit 6 was $200,000. The CS Summit champions in different years are the following top teams: Team Liquid (CS_Summit 2), Mousesports (Summit 5 CSGO), BIG (CS_Summit 6), Evil Genius, Virtus Pro, NRG, SK and Vitality. We recommend you to pay attention to these tournaments and watch the streams of the Summit CSGO competitions.


Dreamhack tournaments are annual CS GO competitions held in Lan format, and they attract a large audience. The Dreamhack esports association organizes the Dreamhack competition. This event is divided into Dreamhack Masters CS GO with a $250,000 prize pool and Dreamhack Open CS GO with a $100,000 prize pool. Only top CS GO teams can participate in these international tournaments. The Dreamhack Master CSGO champion title is very prestigious, so players try to do their best. The teams and players’ results at Dreamhack become a part of CSGO statistics and affect their ranking.