CS:GO teams rankings

#teamearningsratinglast game
1 FaZe $ 1861750549.501 month ago
2 G2 $ 887250717.351 month ago
3 Heroic $ 848500642.251 month ago
4 NAVI $ 829500677.301 month ago
5 VP $ 655000824.301 month ago
6 Liquid $ 530416895.551 month ago
7 VIT $ 439250630.531 month ago
8 NiP $ 388829141.652 months ago
9 BIG $ 3876668.031 month ago
10 ENCE $ 36600011.201 month ago
11 AlHilal $ 3413340.001 year ago
12 FURIA $ 321500332.752 months ago
13 Astralis $ 29850057.001 month ago
14 Spirit $ 287500207.601 month ago
15 OG $ 283192497.701 month ago
16 MOUZ $ 257500407.591 month ago
17 Fnatic $ 252000140.502 months ago
18 CPF $ 2435000.021 month ago
19 C9 $ 239750316.452 months ago
20 AlNassr $ 2389340.001 year ago
1 2 3 440


The CS GO game has long become one of the most popular esports disciplines worldwide. Many competitions of different levels are held annually, where esports teams try to fight competitors and win. Winning prestigious competitions brings fame, money and respect. Today there are hundreds of CS GO teams in the world, representing different regions. What can help to understand which of the pro teams shows the best results? Team rankings. These take into account the statistics of esports CS GO teams. The team’s position in the list objectively reflects the current skills of the players. It allows making conclusions about the prospects of the CS GO club’s performances at the next tournaments. The top 3 CS GO teams in the rankings include the most famous and productive clubs. Playing as a member of such a club is a dream of every esports player. As a rule, top organizations are well-financed from the sponsorship budget and offer players the best conditions for self-realization and training. The names of famous teams constantly appear in the media world. They are known even to people who are not familiar with esports.


Counter Strike esports teams consist of 5 players. These are teams of pro players who work together to build their careers. Although each team member has individual aims, all the players do work together to achieve the only thing. The team members’ results are summed up in the team stats and allow the team to climb the CS GO ranked ladder. Top CS GO teams leading the list of esports teams travel a long way and defeat many rivals in professional competitions. Earning your place in the sun and becoming a popular CS GO team is not easy at all. However, some teams have succeeded.


The first in the top CS GO teams list is the beloved Faze Clan team. The organization participates not only in CS GO, but also in other esports disciplines. In 2016, the team purchased the G2 Esports’ players, adding them to the Faze Clan Counter-Strike roster. The first performances at tournaments were not successful for the team, but they learned a lesson from their mistakes. Faze Clan players who represent the current roster have some of the highest performance indicators. The organization has selected the best esports players and created comfortable conditions for training and self-realization. These factors determine the success of FaZe Clan in the upcoming matches and allow us to call them leaders among all esports teams.


The list of top CS GO teams would not be complete without Team Liquid. This esports organization is represented in many esports disciplines. The team started playing as a CS: GO team in 2015. In 2016, the player S1mple joined the roster, thanks to whom the Team Liquid team began to show positive results in matches. The team participated in the CS GO world tournament ESL One in the same year, where it got 2nd place. It was the first time that a team from North America reached such a level of competition. Today, the Team Liquid has one of the highest results in stats among the world teams.


Another representative of the professional scene from North America – the esports association Gen.G. These guys conclude our story about the top CS GO teams. The association was founded in 2017 in the United States. Like many other esports organizations, GEN.G participates in multiple esports disciplines. At various times, their CS GO roster included such famous esports players as Autimatic, Koosta and other esports stars. Thanks to such high level players, the Gen.G team can demonstrate outstanding shooting skills and team tactics in matches. These factors Gen.G stand out in its match statistics compared to other esports teams.